Stoft Studio: Furniture As Art

In any home, there is always a period of struggle to make it your own. You can choose the colour of the paint on the walls, carpeting or hardwood floors easily enough, but inevitably there will be some snags. There are only so many different kinds of furniture that can be made and sold for a practical purpose. The Swedish design company, Stoft Studio, has devised the Canvas Chair and Blank Table to liven up your space with furniture functioning as art. The Canvas Chair is made to resemble an embroidery hoop. Using bent Ash wood on all variations, the Canvas also comes in leather, weave, and linen versions. Canvas highlights the artistry and materials for each version. Made to last, the Canvas will still look as good to your tastes, as it will be nice to sit on when you need to rest. The Blank Table gives you a variety of choices through its simplicity. Also made from Ash wood, the choice for this piece lies in its glass surface. Put dried flower petals underneath the glass, paint something on it; do whatever best represents you and the mood you want to set with your new addition. The Canvas Chair and Blank Table from Stoft Studio challenges the modern notion of what furniture has become. They can rescue you from the bland, identical pieces you will find in big chains while still embodying modern art trends. If you want to let your personality out into your home, check out Stoft’s website for these pieces, and many more.

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