Stockwerk Foldable Shelf

The Stockwerk Foldable Shelf is an alternative shelf design that requires no assembly. It comes folded up so you just have to extend the shelves to be able to use them. Stockwerk-Foldable-Shelf-05 The side walls are split in half, cut at an angle, and fixed with piano hinges. That way when the shelves are open, the walls rest on each other pushing outward where the side wall halves meet. By doing this, the shelves stay open and can support weight. Stockwerk-Foldable-Shelf-04 The system is self stabilizing and customizable. You can open as many compartments as needed leaving the unused compartments closed, saving you space. It takes little effort to open and close the compartments making it easy to take down and move quickly. Stockwerk-Foldable-Shelf-06 Side walls folds into closed compartment as needed. Stockwerk-Foldable-Shelf-07

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