STEATYLOCK: Bike Saddle And Lock Made Into One

A New York based company has came up with a new design for a bicycle seat that also functions as a bike lock. It is made of steel links that can fold up under the seat for storage while the user travels. STEATYLOCK-Bike-Saddle-And-Lock-Made-Into-One-02 Steatylock was inspired by two common problems that urban cyclists face; carrying around a heavy lock, and the theft of parked bicycle seats. Combining the two problems into one solution, the result lead to a seat that can be used both as a saddle and a lock. The seat can be removed with a lever, turning it into a metre-long steel chain that fully secures your bike. STEATYLOCK-Bike-Saddle-And-Lock-Made-Into-One-03 Placing the lock underneath the seat ensures that the device is located at the centre of the bike. This means that the user won’t feel any extra weight around the bicycle. Once the lock is folded out, it extends to wrap around fixed objects like lamp posts or street furniture. STEATYLOCK-Bike-Saddle-And-Lock-Made-Into-One-01 A unique feature of this lock is that it can be attached to any bicycle with its universal adapter. This means that instead of having to purchase a bike that fits the lock set, you can simply buy the lock and use it on any of your old or new bikes. STEATYLOCK-Bike-Saddle-And-Lock-Made-Into-One-05 It takes less than 30 seconds for this seat lock to function. Because of the design team’s continuing hard work, this product is already available for users to pre-order.

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