Stealth: Workout With Your Phone

Guess what? No one can call you lazy for playing a video game again. The creators of Stealth have designed a fitness product that will get you in shape while completely distracting you from the pain. Motivated by the game, you can now plank without thinking about planking. stealth-02 Stealth is a sweat resistant and antibacterial platform that is pioneering virtual reality in the exercise world. You place your hands onto the ball and joint structure and devote three minutes of your time to entering the next level. It also requires minimal assembly, simply lay your phone at its centre and download the game app. stealth-03 The video game has various levels which are set up to build your core. It will never give you the same workout twice and you will use your own body weight to shape your abs. Don’t be fooled, you may be distracted but you are still working hard to reach those results. Like all good workouts, the Stealth keeps you moving. stealth-04 Not only are you elevated from the floor, able to move side to side, forward and backwards (positions you could never hit with an average plank) but you can also rotate in 360 degrees. This is exactly how you will be able to hit twenty-nine different muscles. The best part is you won’t even care about how many seconds are left because you’ll be too absorbed in the game. stealth-05 I recommend using Stealth first thing in the morning. It will provide a proper stretch, a quick core workout and will prepare you to take on the rest of the day. Seeing how compact it is will not limit you to just an at home routine. You can bring this device to the gym, the office, or even outdoors. stealth-06 Keep in mind this product is designed to be interactive and has a multiplayer setting. Imagine how easy getting into shape would be if your only concern was beating an opponent. Check out Stealth in full detail here.

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