Stealth Kitchen: Hidden Storage

The Stealth Kitchen is a fully functional kitchen that can be completely hidden away within its compartments, seamlessly blending into the surrounding room as a series of cabinets. It is suitable for people who enjoy innovative space-saving solutions with a touch of modern design, all without compromising anyone’s culinary needs. Stealth-Kitchen-Hidden-Storage-02 It fits perfectly in smaller spaces like apartments or condos and does a good job in taking away the everyday clutter of the kitchen, leaving the household with a cleaner, more spacious feel. This high-end kitchen comes with all the necessities of a regular kitchen: countertop, stovetop, oven, microwave, sink, refrigerator and freezer, dishwasher, and of course, plenty of storage. Stealth-Kitchen-Hidden-Storage-03 It is made to order from the U.S. and is highly customizable: you can choose from an array of wood stains from Bombay mahogany to tobacco oak, and lacquer finishes such as dover or aluminum. The configurations of modules themselves can be arranged according to your personal needs, making your Stealth Kitchen unique and very much your own. Choice of wood stains: Stealth-Kitchen-Hidden-Storage-04Stealth-Kitchen-Hidden-Storage-05 Choice of lacquer: Stealth-Kitchen-Hidden-Storage-06 Sample Layout: Stealth-Kitchen-Hidden-Storage-07 You can request a pricing quote here in the Resource Furniture website. Watch the video:

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