The Stair Climbing Wheelchair

As technology makes its leaps and bounds, so does our quality of life. The TopChair-S is an electric wheelchair designed to help you get around faster and easier than ever. Navigate through buildings and previously inaccessible areas through its stair-climbing ability! The tracks equipped with the wheelchair make it entirely possible to climb straight staircases and doorsteps with ease. While climbing up the stairs, the seat itself remains perfectly horizontal so that the user stays comfortable during escalation. The wheelchair automatically detects the start and end of the stairs and as well as aligns accurately with the staircase axis. While you ascend the stairs, a display of the wheelchair’s operations will come up on the monitor attached to the chair. Stay safe and in control at all times! Making your way around with accuracy and efficiency should be easy due to the adjustable R-Net joystick and LCD screen. A variety of fabrics and cushions are offered for your comfort. The battery life will get you between 35 to 45 km! Travel long distances for busy days. The headrest height and tilt is completely adjustable to the user’s preference. The wheelchair offers body support and a safety belt, with a three-point belt as an option. The standard color comes as black with “Ice White” motifs and aluminum rims, while another option is black with “Spicy Orange” color motifs and rims. For a more personalized look, request can be taken! To learn more about the TopChair-S, visit their website or watch the video below!

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