Stainless Steel Camp Stove

This camp stove’s essence lies in its simplicity. Camping is all about packing as lightly as possible, and this stainless steel contraption is both well-made and practical. stove-02 The stove is completely collapsible, easily assembled, lightweight, and can even burn in subzero temperatures. It’s an all-around camping must-have, operating perfectly no matter the season. In its collapsed state, the stove is almost ten times smaller; it’s portable and easy to store. A dream design for the modern adventurer! stove-04 Perhaps the most intriguing aspect of the design is its eco-friendly nature. Concerned with the consequences of burning gas, this camp stove only burns renewable fuels such as wood and alcohol (as well as dung, peat, coal, etc.). With a generous nod towards the environment, the company also donates a minimum of 10% of its profits to ecological causes. It is also partnered with other humanitarian organizations and has donated over 100 units to locations suffering from the consequences of deforestation. stove-03 This stainless steel stove is every camper’s necessity. Its design conveys the founder’s passionate reverence for the environment, as well as a commitment to delivering a high quality product.

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