Städler Made Outdoor Oven

One can enjoy oven-roasted food using the Städler Made Outdoor Oven in any outdoor setting. In a backyard would be more convenient without a doubt, but the portability of this outdoor oven can suggest use to other outdoor locations too. It only requires kindling (small dry sticks or other materials used for starting a fire), but it does weigh 43kg (approximately 94 lbs) so its portability is definitely preferential. The Städler Made Outdoor Oven has two different compartments. One is for burning fuel, and the other for cooking foods. The compartment that cooks food has two stones that run alongside the inner compartment. The stones are made out of cordierite, which is a food grade material and can withstand temperatures of over 1000 degrees in centigrade. The unit iteself is made out of Corten Steel. This steel is meant to rust, and the process will take a few months to a year once it is placed outside. The rusting process is natural for this material as it provides a protective layer. To use this outdoor oven, start by burning kindling inside the lower compartment, and once the oven warms up (after 20-30 minutes), additional larger pieces of wood can be added to fuel the cooking. After 20-30 minutes of lighting fuel is when food can be placed in the oven to cook. Anyone wishing for food cooked with flavouring from a stone oven (especially pizza), should definitely check out the Städler Made Outdoor Oven. Pizza is known for being fire-roasted in a stone oven at some pizzerias, and it was the inspiration behind the Städler Made Outdoor Oven. Yes indeed, Pieter Städler’s love for the taste of fire-roasted pizza set him out to create this oven. For more information go to Städler’s Kickstarter page.

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