Stack: Customizable Storage System

‘One size fits all’ may be okay for scarves and bicycle helmets, but it definitely does not apply to storage space. Designer Debra Folz has found the cure to discovering that-oops! You needed a little more (or less) space than you thought. Introducing Stack, the customizable storage system that lets you not only decide how much storage you need, but how you’d like it to be configured. Folz, the owner of a Rhode Island based studio, created Stack to fit each individual both functionally and creatively. stack-customizable-storage-system-2 As few as one and as many as six pieces can be purchased, available in a range of colours: Oak, Natural Ash, Grey Ash, and Black Ash. The set comes either like a drawer or open-concept, for a more airy and shelf-like feel. stack-customizable-storage-system-6 Each set also comes with wooden rails to separate the components and enables them to be stacked. The rails can be similarly finished in Grey, Black, or Natural Ash. stack-customizable-storage-system-5 As if this wasn’t choice enough, Folz offers an additional option of a Quartz (seen above) or Wood surface top to add even more unique detailing. stack-customizable-storage-system-8 The sets are made in the United States and can be customized even further at request. stack-customizable-storage-system-4 Folz put an equal amount of thought into space-saving and sculptural design. Every set and rail combination compliments each other beautifully, proving that functionality need not be boring. For the big spender, Stack is also available as ‘Stack Lux’, which utilizes solid oak for each compartment and anodized aluminum rails with copper or brass finishing. stack-customizable-storage-system-10 For whatever your storage or design needs may be, the many Stack combinations are sure to fit it. Pricing starts at $1800 and can reach $11,500 for a full 6-compartment set, with free shipping within the United States. Save yourself a trip to Ikea to return those drawers that only seem to hold half your wardrobe and check out the storage system that dreams are made of.

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