Spyntex: Design Your Furniture

We all love that feeling when we buy new furniture, set it up diligently, and can proudly call that space home. Though, another familiar feeling– years, or even months later– hits us as new catalogues are released, styles and trends change, and we just want something new. Spyntex is perfect for those who love to occasionally change up and personalize their home and their furniture. Inspired by the successful Spyndi concept, Spyntex pushes and advances the philosophy even further by allowing users to create their very own pieces of furniture, matching their wants and needs. spyntex-furniture-3 Spyntex comes with 61 “elements” varying in colour and weight. You could think of these “elements” in the same way as the pieces that come in a box when you buy new furniture. Or, think of them like puzzle pieces. The only difference is, you’re actually allowed to mix and match. The possible combinations of the 61 elements are endless. Build an ergonomic armchair, chaise lounge, partition, stool, a piece of sports equipment, or even a children’s toy! Spyntex brings versatility, multi-functionality, and practicality straight into your home. What’s great about Spyntex is the fact that it’s made from 100% recyclable composite materials as well. The elements create strong, yet comfortable home pieces, benefiting you and your body in the long run. Spyntex is ideal for both the indoors and outdoors. Most importantly, it’s for everyone. If you’re the type to prefer some guidance, the Spyntex app allows you to virtually construct original furniture designs before actually doing the building. The app also allows users to explore design inspirations, examples of pre-made models, and numerous original designs created by individuals in the Spyntex community. spyntex-furniture-2 This DIY nature allows for freedom, creativity, and fun, resulting in unique pieces for your unique home. So, instead of constantly buying new furniture or decorative pieces to keep your home refreshed and alive, simply change up the furniture using Spyntex. For more info, check out Spyntex’s page here!

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