Secret Agent Clock: Never Miss A Mission

If the hardest part of your day is waking up in the morning, the Spy Gun Alarm Clock might just be the key to making you a morning person. Easily storable under your pillow, the Spy Gun Alarm Clock will allow you to feel like James Bond whenever you wake up throughout the night to check the time. Simply grab it from under your pillow, point it at any accessible surface, and pull the trigger to see the time projected in red LED lights. spy-gun-alarm-clock-3 Sounds a little gimmicky, right? It’s not just cool to use, it’s actually practical as well. We all know the struggle of being blinded by the backlight of our cellphones while checking them at 3 am to see how much time we have left to sleep, but with the Spy Gun Alarm Clock that never has to happen again. spy-gun-alarm-clock-4 A small bell icon near the projected time will let you know that you’ve set an alarm for the next morning. When that alarm goes off your gun will vibrate, which is perfect if you keep it under your pillow. With sleek dimensions of 15cm x 9cm x 3cm and the requirement of only 2 AAA batteries to operate, the Spy Gun Alarm Clock is a small gadget that packs a ton of convenience and fun into a small package.

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