Spooly: Magnetic Charging Cables

Many new products are being developed to keep up with a growing necessity for our devices to be available, connected and efficient. A rising arena for cleverly designed products is the market for electronic chargers. Every electronic device you use needs a charger and many come with their own. When packing a bag for a day out, those chargers tend to pile up, tangle together and generally waste space. A product designer by the name of Scott McCormack noticed this problem and devised his own solution: Spooly cable. Spooly is a magnetic charger cable that wraps around itself to stay tidy and is built small to fit easily in your pocket. Spooly edit 4 About the size of an eraser, Spooly uses what they call a Mag-System to magnetically align itself around its USB connector, staying compact until you need it. The Spooly cable comes in three different models; the original Spooly, the Spooly Keymaster and the Spooly Evolution. What sets the Spooly Keymaster and original Spooly apart from Spooly Evolution is its function. Spooly and Spooly Keymaster can come with parts to fit Apple’s lightning connector, Micro-USB or USB-C. Spooly edit 2 Spooly Evolution possesses USB-C 3.1 connectors on both sides, for connecting to the new Mackbook, Chromebook Pixel and other USB-C chargers. USB-C 3.1 is the new industry standard for USB connection between laptops to chargers and devices to laptops. Spooly edit 12 USB-C has been designed to connect reversibly. No more fiddling with the position of your USB connectors. Both ways of plugging in the USB-C connectors are the right ways. But Spooly Evolution isn’t the only Spooly to have that ability. Both the original Spooly and Spooly Keymaster are built with connectors that can be reversible. Spooly edit 1 Both the original Spooly and Spooly Evolution come in 1 meter or 1.3 meter lengths but the Spooly Keymaster only comes in a 25 centimetre length. The Spooly Keymaster’s reduced length is due to its need for a smaller size. The Spooly Keymaster comes with a modified case for fitting onto your key ring. The Keymaster is the most portable of the Spooly cables. Spooly edit 9 Now, with Spooly cables, cords for transferring pictures from your phone to you laptop wont have to be so large and tangled. Spooly cables are compact and durable. But size isn’t their only feature. Spooly offers a cable with 2.4 amps of charging speed for Spooly and Spooly Keymaster and at 3 amp charging rate for Spooly Evolution. As for data transfer speed, Spooly Evolution can transfer data at a 10 Gbps rate. Spooly edit 7 Spooly edit 8 Spooly edit 5 If a cable that can coil up and fit in your pocket is something you want, then the Spooly cable might be for you! Spooly edit 10 If you wish to participate you can follow their process on their Kickstarter page here.

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