SPLATWARE: Unique Ceramics

Modern tableware has become simple and stationary – all plates, cups, and cutlery look the same with little to no variation. Plain-looking dishes have become the norm. Looking to spice up your meals with a little more brightness? The solution is SPLATWARE: a unique, one-of-a-kind set of ceramic kitchenware that will surely light up your kitchen life. Granby Workshop has created sets of multicolored ceramic tableware to bring originality to dinner. Each plate and cup is created by compressing colorful clays together in a 60-tonne hydraulic press. The outcome is set to be different each and every single time, with varying colors and patterns. Your set of tableware will never be the same as someone else’s! The bright and attractive designs on each plate and cup present a fun and cheerful environment for any meal! Whether it’s a special occasion or just a normal day, SPLATWARE can be used day in or day out! The SPLATWARE cup is perfect for hot or cold drinks. It comes in only one size, 8oz, but it’s just the right size for a meal. The plates are 25cm in diameter and come with a clean, glazed finish. When they’re made, different amounts of ceramic pigments are added in each dishware. Each piece is glazed and fired at 1250 degrees Celsius, making them food, dishwasher, and microwave safe. Throughout the finishing process, they become durable and sturdy pieces. SPLATWARE can be kept for purely display purposes as well as for actual kitchen use. SPLATWARE makes for a special and personalized gift for a loved one, or simply an interesting addition to your kitchen. To learn more about SPLATWARE and the process in which it’s made, visit their Kickstarter or watch the video below!

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