Spire: Control Your Stress

The Spire is the latest in a recent spate of wearable health monitors that turn your body into quantifiable data to help you reduce stress. The Spire’s highlight feature that distinguishes it from the competition is its claimed ability to monitor your breathing pattern, and not just your footsteps or your heart rate. spire-05 The Spire is said to be able to ascertain how you are feeling based on your breathing patterns, thus able to identify whether you are “focused, frazzled, or tense.” Simply knowing this data can give you the information to change how you are feeling- merely by changing how you are breathing. Instead of taking short shallow breaths, the Spire will remind you to breath deep, allowing you to relax yourself mentally and physically. This is one of the factors that makes the Spire unlike most other monitors – it is based on breathing instead of heart rate. The second reason comes from their target demographic: people who would like to be more active but need that added push to do so. spire-03 Like many other wearable health monitors, the Spire connects in real time via Bluetooth to an app on your phone that tracks all the data. When your breathing indicates that you’re tense or you have not been active enough, the app reminds you to take a deep breath or to take a few steps. Though the current version of the app is only compatible with Apple devices, an upcoming version will soon be available for Android users. The full list of compatible app versions is available on their website, https://spire.io/. The Spire combines usability with clean, smooth lines, making the product easy-to-use, discreet, and attractive. The egg-like shape and the clip set it apart from other wearable health monitors, which are often similar in design to watches. Yet, like other health monitors, what you get from the Spire depends on your commitment to transforming data into action.

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