SpillNot: The Science of Not Spilling Drinks

The SpillNot takes the old, intricate laws of physics and applies them into a simple, modern solution for the everyday problem with beverages. Open-top drink containers, such as mugs filled with coffee or tea, have always proved to be an inconvenience among beverage drinkers on the go. The science behind this idea prevents liquids from sloshing back and forth out of the container, resulting in an equilibrium state that also puts your mind at ease.


The SpillNot is a simple enough contraption, consisting of a saucer upon which to place your drink, which itself hangs from a loop handle. The saucer’s surface can hold a single open beverage container of varying shapes and sizes. It can be carried from point A to point B at any speed or level of concentration, no longer requiring you to keep you sight fixed on your container for fear of spillage. It is perfect for home or work use, as well as social gatherings and public events like sports games and concerts. You can order the SpillNot here on their website.

 SpillNot-The-Science-of-Not-Spilling-Drinks-02 Watch the video:

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