Spiky Shower Curtain : Curtail Your Shower Time

For everyone who spends half their day in their bathtub (and that includes me) – this is for you, so listen up. This shower curtain has been designed as a thoughtful favour to get you out of that shower, into your clothes and on your way to start your day right on time. Dubbed ‘Spiky’, this shower curtain is a great solution to those looking for a way to curb their water consumption. spiky_shower_curtain_03 As written on her website, Elisabth Buecher, the designer of this new item, calls her shower curtain ‘a green warrior’. She essentially designed it as a response to the excessive use of water, one of the most prominent environment issues today. A London-based artist, she acknowledges the difficulty that most people seem to have in trying to reduce their shower times, despite their good intentions and hopes that her creative addition to the bathroom, could help solve that while bringing a smile to the user’s face. spiky_shower_curtain_02 Spiky uses a water tap with sensors that after around 4 minutes spent under water, trigger the spikes in the curtain to inflate, using an air inflator. While the material used to make the spikes aren’t painful or actually prickly to the skin, the surprise of being enveloped in your own shower curtain, your trusted protector and friend is and should hopefully be enough of a surprise to get you out of that bathtub and wrapped up into your towel, onto the next agenda for the day. spiky_shower_curtain_04 Not only functional, the bright green and blue colours of the curtain could make for a great addition to the kids’ bathroom, lending the bathroom a happy and energetic feel that could seep into the kids as they trudge wistfully from the comfort of their beds and into the bathroom to get ready for the day ! A creative and original item, Spiky the shower curtain is definitely attractive and desirable for any home.

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