Speed Chess: 16-Player Respawning Chess Game

Chess is normally a game about strategy and setting up intricate plays. However, QWOP creator, Bennett Foddy, has released a new kind of chess that is about one thing only: speed. Breaking the traditional rules of chess, this game accommodates 16 simultaneous players and features a respawning mechanism. speed-chess-a-16-player-chess-02 Speed Chess is an interactive game played in just minutes by up to 16 players on one board. The only thing that could slow down the game is the players’ ability to quickly enter a command into the SNES controller. speed-chess-a-16-player-chess-03 The game starts by having each player move a pawn. If they get captured by an opposing piece, they respawn as one of the leftover pieces. The goal of Speed Chess is to capture the opposing side’s king. Video:

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