Sparx: At Home Skate Sharpening

To succeed in anything, one needs three things: passion, perseverance, and equipment that can be relied upon. For hockey pros, that third step will be made a lot easier with the Sparx Skate Sharpener by Sparx Hockey; a safe, compact device that will help you keep your skates in pristine condition from the comfort of your own home. Sparx-03 Imagine, no more having to lug you or your childrens skates to the sports shop and waiting in line for who knows how long just to maintain the edge on the blades! With the Sparx Skate Sharpener all you have to do is clamp your skate into the groove, close the guard and turn it on. Within a couple of minutes, you’ll be ready to hit the ice. Sparx-02 In addition to its convenience, the Sparx also boasts some impressive safety features. With all its moving parts sealed within the case and the actual sharpening being completely automatic, there’s no need to worry about anyone’s fingers getting somewhere they shouldn’t be! In addition, built-in sensors make sure access points remain locked during sharpening and LED lights will flash to warn you if the SlotGuards are not properly closed. Sparx-05 The grinding ring within the Sparx is good for around forty sharpening and can be easily replaced once the replacement light turns on. In addition, Sparx Hockey offers a number of grinding rings of different sizes so that you can make sure your skates are perfectly calibrated to your preferences. Speaking of calibration, the alignment system is good for hundreds of sharpening without drifting and doesn’t need to be re-aligned when you change rings. Sparx-04 About the size of an average printer, the Sparx can be kept in any room of the house. Thanks to the aforementioned safety features, you don’t have to worry if your children sit down and watch the machine’s grinding ring drag back-and-forth against the blade the way you used to watch the man at the hockey shop doing the same thing manually.

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