SPARK: Helpful Earbud Accessory

With the growing use of technology and almost everyone, everyday concealing an electronic device in their pockets or bags, earphones have become a common accessory to our daily routines. Although these tiny headsets connect us to music and our online worlds, they can be a real hassle to use. They get caught on objects or painfully yanked out of your ears. The wires easily wear and tear, and, worst of all, no matter how strategically you roll or tie them up, they still get tangled! Thanks to SPARK, you’ll never have to waste those painstaking minutes of your day unraveling your earphones again. SPARK is a clever, multipurpose, and helpful earbud accessory that is tangle-free, hands-free, provides ear comfort, can adjust and lock, as well as acts as an earbud organizer and smartphone stand. In other words, it’s the most practical earbud accessory you could own! spark1 Created by Wizyfab, a dynamic company based in France, SPARK attaches seamlessly to your earphones, making them easier to use, take off, and wear. This high-tech device comprises a sturdy and flexible cord, high precision tips, magnetic fastenings, and an integrated NFC chip. The cord sits around the nape of your neck and the ends clasp the wire of your earphones in a tight grip ensuring that, when tugged, your earbuds stay in your ear. Now you can avoid the discomfort of having your earbuds jerked out and since your headset is no longer strained, it will last longer! When you remove your earbuds, they conveniently remain suspended and easily retrievable when you need them again. spark2 The flexible cord is also designed to help you put your earphones away, organize them, and keep them from tangling. Simply wind the wire of your earphones around your hand and then wind the cord around the wires! You can also twist the cord into a smartphone stand for the convenience of watching movies or participating in videoconferences. spark4   spark3 An innovative and multipurpose earbud accessory, SPARK makes using earphones easier than ever. It protects the wires, increases ear comfort, avoids tangling, and doubles as a phone stand!

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