Sound Table: Furniture That Plays Music

The Sound Table is the perfect solution to streamline your living space by synthesizing your everyday household amenities. Created by KAMARQ, for the mission of designing comfortable “space” by enhancing the levels of functionality in a minimalist approach. Their focus is downsizing the clutter of everyday life simply by combining two of our most frequently used items: tables and speakers. The table is built with Bluetooth connection which allows you to play music from any compatible device. To add music, mark your favourite songs, and play music, simply go onto the mobile app to control the Sound Table from your phone. The Sound Table is all about generating an atmosphere to fit any setting. Not only is the table great for your party playlists, you can also wake up in the morning to calm serene melodies to ease you out of bed. You are in control of what of mood you want to set. By inputting your location information on the mobile app, the Sound Table will notify you of changes in the weather via pleasant sounds. The Sound Table exceeds the role of a speaker, it renders jumbled power cords a thing of the past. On the side of the table is a USB hub that can charge your phone, laptop, and even power your cooking appliances. It’s all about creating convincing in simplicity through seamless integration. The Sound Table is not solely a table with a built-in speaker – the table itself is actually the speaker. The table top contains two state-of-the-art diaphragms concealed beneath the surface which emit sound through the production of oscillations throughout the entire tabletop. The impeccable sound quality and network connectivity is made possible by cutting-edge integrated gateway.The Sound Table overcomes the weaknesses of conventional diaphragms at higher and lower end frequencies using an audio amplifier, capacitors and fine tuning adjustments via a software equalizer resulting in a very smooth and quality sound output. The Sound Table is assembled using only carefully selected wood. The table top uses White Oak veneer, and the legs are made of solid white oak, mahogany, or Sunkai. They go the extra mile to ensure that every piece of wood that is used is Forest Stewardship Council approved and that the entire production process is as environmentally friendly as possible. It is available on Kickstarter in two different models: the Cube and the Delta. The Cube is compact and makes a great sleek night stand. The Delta is a more standard dining table held up by very modern interwoven table legs.

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