Soul Cell: Folding Solar Lamp

Designed by Jesper Jonsson, Soul Cell folding solar lamp works in an outdoor environment where there is no permanent power supply. Elegant and compact, these portable units combine photovoltaic cells with a basic electrical circuit. Soul-Cell-Folding-Solar-Lamp-01 These lamps are easy to carry and work as a perfect source to light up a campsite, boat, bike handle bar or even your backyard after dark. Though still a design concept, these are neat reusable sources of daylight. Soul-Cell-Folding-Solar-Lamp-02 During the day the lamp is charged using solar energy to generate power when it gets dark. To charge them simply hang them anywhere where it is sunny. A strap with a magnet lets you hang the lamp both ways while it is opened or folded. Soul-Cell-Folding-Solar-Lamp-03 To light up the lamp, you simply have to unfold the shade with a twisting motion. The clever design makes the lamp small and easy to carry even in a backpack and makes it bigger to illuminate when desired. Soul-Cell-Folding-Solar-Lamp-04 Video:

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