Sou Fujimoto’s Hybrid Bookshelf and Chair

Gone are the days when you need to waste time and money trying to find the perfect bookshelf that matches your favorite reading chair. On top of that, the two may take up more space than you’re willing to spare. A Japanese architect has gone ahead to design a beautiful, modern bookshelf called Bookchair that has a built-in chair for multi-functionality. The chair portion of the bookcase simply slides out when the user would like to sit, then tucks away nicely afterward. The case, made of beautiful white wooden panels, is sleek and modern to fit into the trendiest of homes. In fact, white is the only color it is available in to emphasise the connection between the books and where they’re placed. The contrast between the two is almost meant to mirror art. The shelf’s creator, Sou Fujimoto, has said that Bookchair was created with the concept of simplicity, as well as the relationship between the book and the reader. Because the chair, which is what the reader is meant to sit on, is a part of the bookshelf, it suggests that the reader and books themselves could become one. The two have impact on each other, as readers are likely to be inspired by and emotionally connected to the content that they choose to consume. As for the design, its perfect square shape is pleasing to the eye, especially among those who value minimalism and balance. Bookchair is a conversation piece that most would be delighted to use in their home. Both the architect who designed the product and the brand it was designed for have a background in innovative furniture, modern art, and multi-functionality, all of which can be seen in Bookchair. The three aspects together create and interesting product. If you’re looking to find out more about Bookchair, check out this link.  

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