Sonic Decanter: Out Of This World Wine

Some might say that the worst part about being a wine enthusiast is all of the waiting for bottles to age.  In an era that embraces instant gratification, having the patience for a process that takes years, sometimes even decades is a rarity. Hence, Charles Leonhardt and Michael Coyne have developed the Sonic Decanter, a device that shortens that condenses the aging process into minutes for a more rich, flavourful, and aromatic wine sonic_decanter_01 (738x496) A self-professed wine connoisseur, Leonhardt spent ten years perfecting the decanting process after his retirement. The Sonic Decanter works by removing oxygen from the wine via patented ultrasound technology, changing its chemistry to mimic the effects of long-term aging.  This reduces the preservatives chemicals added to wines, and softens the tannins.  Unlike an aerator, the effects of the Sonic Decanter last for days at a time.  Enjoy a glass today, and save the rest for another time! And if you find that an extended period of time has left your wine not as full-bodied as it once was, the decanting process can always be repeated to produce the same “aging” results as the first run-through. sonic_decanter_06 (738x494) Although the process itself is quite advanced, using the Sonic Decanter couldn’t be easier! Start by adding cold water into the decanter which acts as a travel medium for the gentle ultrasonic waves.  Next, place your chosen bottle inside and press either the red button for red wines, or the white button for white wines. sonic_decanter_02 (738x493) Now all you have to do is wait (mere minutes, not years); it takes approximately 20 minutes for reds–their characteristics are more complex–or 15 minutes for whites. The device itself retails for $249 USD, and is currectly available in two colours, black and white. So if you’re sick of waiting years at a time just to enjoy a full-flavoured wine, check out the Sonic Decanter!

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