Somewear: Limitless Communication

Somewear is the newest way to stay connected no matter where you are. The device manages to connect your smartphone to satellite networks so you can communicate with friends and family. Whether you’re going on a 3-day camping trip or month-long backpacking adventure, you’ll always be at peace with Somewear. Users can access communication and browsing through the Somewear app, which also includes GPS, weather forecasts and emergency services. The communication is 2-way, so the traveler can respond to questions or concerns. If the user at home doesn’t have a cell phone for texting, the chat can be directed through e-mail or another Somewear hotspot. The GPS in the device makes it easy and safe to travel alone — if you’re not heard from for an extended period of time, friends and family can easily see where your Somewear device has been. It also makes it easier to plan meet-ups and make your way through new land with no guide. In the event of an emergency, Somewear can connect you to rescue services for 2-way communication to ensure your safety. Of course, to prevent an issue in the first place, Somewear sends you local alerts from weather to more serious events, like floods. The device is just 3 ounces, stays on for 1000+ messages on a single charge, and has 100% global coverage. It’s just 3 inches across, since traveling with it is a given. A monthly payment is necessary to use Somewear, though it’s very affordable and is on a month-to-month basis. Three different plans are available ranging from 20 to unlimited messages. If you’re interested in getting Somewear to join you in your travels, check out the pre-order link on Kickstarter here.

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