SOLIDteknics: Lightweight Iron Cookware

Picture your favourite meal– one that you enjoy prepping, cooking, and most of all, eating. Now, picture owning innovative cookware that helps you create that delicious dish. Australia’s cooking industry is growing with modern kitchen tools, thanks to Mark J. Henry, founder of and development engineer at SOLIDteknics. After seven successful Kickstarter pages, Mark and the team are back to help anyone from a home cook to a gourmet chef. cookware The patent-pending AUS-ION™ pans have been extremely successful among a variety of people in Australia, and are now starting to become more popular in the states. This AUS-ION Satin collection offers new and exciting features. First of all, there is a new 30 cm skillet with a helper handle. In addition, all pans are now “satin shot-blasted”. That means that seasoning just got a lot easier! These pans are made from Australian steel. They cook like cast iron, but are half the weight. The innovative design is also responsible for crafting these seamless and durable cooking tools. cookware-4 Choosing to use this cookware at home, at your restaurant, or while camping comes with health benefits of “forever-renewable natural non-toxic seasoning on base iron”. Plus, there are no toxic, harmful, or disposable synthetic layers or finishes. It’s now better and simpler than ever to enjoy evenly heated, stunningly seared, and beautifully browned food. If the idea of cooking with tools that are healthier and more sustainable appeals to you, then this collection is a kitchen must-have. cookware-5 Some Australian chefs’ and cooks’ comments really put the cherry on top: “Indestructible.” “It delivers.” “Fantastic to cook with.” “Genius idea.” “Local.” So, what are you waiting for? The quality collection is a kitchen essential for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, whether you’re cooking for yourself, for a family gathering, or for a group of friends. Make cooking eggciting again!

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