Solid Gray: Backpack For Urban Life

The shell-like silhouette of the Solid Gray backpack is a striking and unusual design. Created by Dutch designers Herman Lijmbach and Jasper de Leeuw, this backpack strives for originality and functionality. It is lightweight, strong, tough, and stylish.     Solid Gray-02 The design of the outside is sleek and functional, and it mimics shapes found in nature. The body is a thin, folding hard shell made with a lightweight polymer. The backpack straps come in different colours and are interchangeable. The handle on the top of the bag is retractable, disappearing when not in use. Because of the materials and simplicity of the design, the whole bag weighs less than 1.3 kg. Inside, there are straps to hold down a laptop and the back is lined with foam for protection from scratches and bumps. There are two compartments inside to store and find small items easily, as well as a clip to hold documents.   Solid Gray-03   The Solid Gray backpack looks like a bag from the future – a great statement piece, with great functionality to boot.   Video:

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