Solarpuff: Solar-Powered Inflatable Cube

On this day today, 1.6 billion people around the world are living without access to proper, reliable, and safe lighting. Alice Min Soo Chun– the inventor of Solarpuff– solved this issue in an innovative way. Alice combined her design knowledge, her creativity, her love for origami, and her desire to help others to create Solarpuff. An inflatable, personal, solar-powered lamp, Solarpuff is a sustainable home lighting solution.


Solarpuff works in a simple way:

  • Push the button once for a low setting of light,
  • Push it twice for a high setting,
  • Push it three times for a flashing or blinking setting.


When opened, the Solarpuff reaches a size of 4 1/3” cube and weighs only 2.6 oz.

The product can be used in various situations: evening picnic dates, late-night family walks outdoors, inside one’s home as a modern accessory, late-night reading, and the list goes on and on. Without a doubt, light is needed for lots of the activities we do.


As mentioned, the Solarpuff is solar-powered; after just eight hours of exposure to bright sunlight, the lamp is fully charged and ready to use, providing approximately eight to twelve hours of light.

Furthermore, this cool essential offers some neat features; it is water-resistant, can float, and is recyclable.


According to research, if everyone in the United States used a Solarpuff for simply one hour per day, as opposed to a regular light bulb, 11 billion tons of CO2 emissions would not enter our precious air each year. The benefits of using a Solight Design product go a long way. Not only is Alice a champion for creating this incredible product, but every person with a Solarpuff is a hero who is helping to save the planet, one Solarpuff at a time. They also have an new design that is currently campaigning on Kickstarter! Check it out here!

Check out Alice Min Soo Chun’s story in the video below:

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