Solar Rucksack: Heat Through Solar Energy

Protect yourself from extreme weather with this innovative solar rucksack. Designers Kim Jangwoon, Lee Youngmin, Jung Soonho and Namgung Mina have invented a backpack that harnesses solar energy to keep you warm. A creative solution for adventure enthusiasts and those who enjoy hiking or traveling in harsh, and potentially dangerous, weather conditions. Warming-Backpack-Heat -Through-Solar -Energy-01 Created with mountaineers in mind, the backpack comes equipped with solar panels. The outer surface bearing the solar panels collects solar energy and converts it into heat. The user wears a circular patch on their clothing that is directly connected to the backpack with a small pipe. The backpack’s efficient design allows the heat to flow evenly across the body, allowing the user to endure icy conditions. Warming-Backpack-Heat-Through-Solar-Energy-02 Suitable for any polar adventure, the Solar Rucksack bagged the Red Dot Design Award in 2009. Currently the backpack is only a design concept, but it is easy to see how this technology has life-saving potential for those who brave even the most extreme elements. Warming-Backpack-Heat-Through-Solar-Energy-03

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