Solar Powered Window Socket Charger

Window Socket is a portable solar powered window socket that conveniently provides energy to any device that is plugged into it. By harnessing emitted sun rays, this green energy socket is able to convert solar energy into electricity and effectively power up any plugged in device. window-socket-01a Small solar panels are fitted inside of the socket and a clear suction cup covers the back of it—the cup helps keep the socket in its place while allowing the gadget to be detachable. window-socket-02a Simply plug in your device and the solar panel behind this window socket will gather the available light and convert solar energy into electricity which it will then use to power up your plugged in device. window-socket-03 The innovative design of this solar powered window socket makes it easy to carry around with you wherever you go. It could even be mounted onto a window of an airplane so that you can conveniently channel solar energy and charge your phone while flying across different countries. window-socket-04a Video:

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