Solar Paper: The Thinnest, Lightest, and Smartest Solar Charger

On the go or summoning your inner adventurer? The Solar Paper is there to keep your equipment fully charged and ready to go. Portable chargers are good to have whenever you’re on a hike and your GPS or phone needs more juice, but some portable chargers require an electrical plug in. Solar Paper, however, does not. solar-paper-the-thinnest-01 Created by YOLK, a solar company specialized in high quality solar modules and panels, the Solar Paper is an innovative design that uses solar energy to charge numerous devices such as phones, tablets, USB-powered flashlights, and radios. Key members of the YOLK team responsible for creating such an efficient product are Sen Chang and Lim Sam, advocates and technicians of the solar industry. solar-paper-the-thinnest-02 The Solar Paper, so named because it’s just a touch larger than paper money, measures 9 x 19 x 1.1 cm and weighs 4 oz. Although incredibly thin and lightweight, it is durable and powerful. Coming in various degrees of watt power, the solar charger starts at 5 watts and the highest ends with 10 watts. In direct sunlight, a 5 watt charger can charge an iPhone in two and a half hours, but in the event of cloud coverage on those not-so-perfect days, the Solar Paper has two magnetic strips on either side to allow you to connect multiple panels for a greater and faster energy boost. What sets Solar Paper apart from its competitors is that it resets itself in the event of cloud coverage. Other solar panel chargers need to be reset manually, unplugging and replugging a cable every time a cloud passes, but this solar powered charger automatically resumes charging your system as soon as all skies are clear. solar-paper-the-thinnest-03 Water-resistant and able to absorb power as you hike outdoors, Solar Paper is a must have product for any adventurer to keep them safe and happy.

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