Soft Rocker: Solar Powered Sun Lounger

Soft Rocker is a solar powered sun lounger chair which not only rocks but charges your gadgets as well. Soft-Rocker-Solar-Powered-Sun-Lounger-01 This unique rocking sun lounger features built in 35watt solar panels that charge a built-in battery. Also has a couple of USB ports so you can easily plug in your gadgets to charge while you chill out on the rocking lounger with your friends. Soft-Rocker-Solar-Powered-Sun-Longer-02 A team of MIT students, with professor Sheila Kennedy, combined technology and design to come-up with the eco friendly solar powered charging station which also happens to be a relaxing rocking chair. Soft-Rocker-Solar-Powered-Sun-Longer-03 It is made of soft curved wood that supports the user. At the end of the curved panel is the small box that actually is the base for the charging ports. Soft-Rocker-Solar-Powered-Sun-Lounger-04 On the inside of the Soft Rocker lies a light tape that illuminates, giving the rocker an enchanting look. Soft-Rocker-Solar-Powered-Sun-Lounger-05 Video

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