SOCCKET II: Energy-Harnessing Soccer Ball For Power And Play

Of all the potential uses you could expect from a soccer ball, energy harnessing would not be one of them. Yet the creators of Uncharted Play have envisioned an unconventional way to save energy, and use it later. The SOCCKET  II is a soccer ball that combines its original function with that of an outlet. By playing with the SOCCKET, its internal mechanisms absorb kinetic energy and store it for later use. In turn, the energy can then be used to power SOCCKET’s accompanying LED lamp. soccket-energy-harnessing-ball-01 The SOCCKET has gone through a variety of prototype trials and errors, but Uncharted Play has finally settled on a working design. It may be an ounce heavier than a regular soccer ball, but the SOCCKET maintains its resemblance to the ball itself, with some exceptions. Unlike most sports balls, the SOCCKET is airless. It’s made from a material known as EVA foam which is not only soft to the touch, but water resistant as well. The mechanism inside SOCCKET is described by its creators as being pendulum-like, and through its movement during play, kinetic energy is stored inside the ball, so that it can be used as a power generator later.       sockket-energy-harnessing-soccer-ball-03 On the energy-generating side of things, SOCCKET includes a 3-LED lamp. By opening the covered SOCCKET mechanism which can be powered using the stored energy. Uncharted Play has claimed that 1 hour of play with SOCCKET can provide the lamp with power for up to 3 hours of light . Currently, it is available in three bright, fun colours: pink, green, and blue. soccket-energy-harnessing-ball-04 Currently, the SOCCKET II is in small-production mode. Uncharted Play donates many of the SOCCKETs to countries with little access to electricity as a means of providing light as well as fun. SOCCKET  II has received as much criticism as it has praise, but it’s certainly a nifty item to own. soccket-energy-harnessing-ball-02      

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