Snowball Shovel

The snowball shovel is a concept snow shovel that takes work and play to a new level. The design premise allows for the shovel to roll snowballs while you’re clearing the snow. the-snowball-shovel-02 The idea for this innovative design combines an ice cream scoop with a regular snow shovel to produce a tool for removing snow which at the same time creates 2-3 foot high snowballs. Once enough of the balls have been rolled you can stack them together to create a snowman. Should this concept ever come to life you may find shovelling snow to be a more enjoyable and purposeful chore; since, while clearing your driveway, you’ll build the foundation for a snowman or a giant igloo-like structure. the-snowball-shovel-03 Perhaps the only drawback, since this home tool is still in the conceptual phase it’s hard to know whether or not such an object is actually devisable. One possible obstacle to the effectiveness of a snowball shovel could be the fact that snow rolls or sticks to itself differently at different temperatures. So, the shovel would work best when the temperature is neither too high nor too low. However, regardless of the temperature, having the snow roll once it is inside the shovel might prove to be more difficult than the design’s intention accounts for. the-snowball-shovel-04

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