Snarkitecture: Wonky Chair

It’s always refreshing to break the monotony of the same design choices we make for our home. Sometimes what we need might not be what we think of right away. Instead, it could be something we are not expecting at all. New York-based design studio Snarkitecture introduces the Slip Chair for Portuguese brand UVA. This unique chair features a frame almost teetering on the point of tipping over. It is certainly confusion for the senses. However, despite the implicit danger that it might exude, the chair is perfectly stable. The Slip Chair appears unstable upon first glance – the frame looks to be precariously balanced topped with a marble seat. However, the unsteadiness is masquerading the complete sturdiness of the monolithic design of the stone. These two elements appear to be in contention are in fact working together in total harmony to form to axes. It is design meets functionality on a whole new level. The studio works alongside craftspeople from Pacos de Ferreira in the north of Portugal to create the white wooden frame. To balance the leaning frame, the piece of stone forming the seat is sliced at an angle to even out the surface. This piece challenges the concept behind conventional designs for mass production. Snarkitecture uses craftsmanship that connects local economies to the global market. Each chair is certifiably handmade and numbered off. These pieces are crafted within artisan workshops.This chair embodies a whimsy that reimagines the typical perspectives on the classic chair. Snarkitecture was founded in 2008 by designers Daniel Arsham and Alex Mustonen. Since their inception, they have lent their artistic charm to a handful of projects including large-scale retail installations. Moreover, Snarkitecture focuses their brand on reinterpreting everyday materials with an approach to providing a conceptual experience of the mundane. The first version of the chair is crafted in white ash and black marble, however, the brand plans to create many variations and combinations with a multitude of materials. This accent piece may be the newest conversation starter to spice up your minimalist design scheme.

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