Snapbit™: Easy-To-Use Strainer

Having to pour out a big pot of hot water from boiling potatoes can be a hassle without a strainer or colander. Though pouring out hot water without a strainer or colander can be a hassle, using the pot’s lid in an attempt to drain out the water can be potentially dangerous of spilling the hot water onto yourself. Even if you do have kitchen utensils for draining water, the issues as follows may arise: the colander is too small, the strainer cannot hold the weight of the food, and you need to partake an extra step of separating the liquid from the solid before you can put the food in a bowl to serve. snapbit-in-pan-04 The winning design for 2016’s Red Dot Award solves all inconveniences of draining. By Daka International Ltd. and called the Snapbit, the product is a hands-free kitchen strainer that can affix itself to any pot, pan, or bowl of any size. Made with heat-resistant silicone, Snapbit can be easily attached to the rim of the pot. With its integrated hinge system, this flexible strainer can be adjusted at various angles, adapting to all cookware. snapbit-03 Snapbit is not just half the weight of typical strainers or colanders, but it is only one-third of their size! With its fan-like design, Snapbit is a foldable strainer that can be stored in a drawer as small as the one you use for eating utensils. snapbit-folded-02 Dishwasher safe, the silicone Snapbit also won’t rust from prolong use and can withstand up to five pounds of weight when you tilt to strain. snapbit-in-bowl-07 “Thanks to its clever design concept, the Snapbit kitchen strainer provides a high degree of user friendliness and thus simplifies a routine kitchen chore,” said the Red Dot jury. We totally agree.

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