Smoovie: Steady Video For Your Smartphone

Whether you’re at a concert and your favourite band is playing, or you’re travelling and are on a scenic adventure, or you’re simply spending quality time with friends, capturing those special moments to relive them later is on everyone’s to-do list. Most times, when we rewatch our videos, they’re unsteady, jumpy, and simply didn’t turn out the way we had hoped they would. So, Smoovie was created– a video stabilizer tool perfect for capturing all your favourite moments. Product designer, Alex Kalogroulis, has mastered this design to give people like you a pocket-sized tool that will help create professional-looking videos from your smartphone or GoPro. smoovie-02 Smoovie is extremely easy for everyone to use, whether you’re a beginner or a pro. Simply pull out the telescopic counterweight balance to the marker for your smartphone or GoPro, and Smoovie adjusts itself. The handle is also adjustable so you could get all the shots you want. It’s natural to hold, allowing you to get the angles you’ve never reached for. Smoovie also satisfies your want for selfie mode– smile! smoovie-04 With the simple design, you can catch your funnest and wildest moments in no time! Even if you’re holding a drink or food in one hand, you can use the index finger of your other hand to control the tool and your video. Smoovie is made from two lightweight, but super strong neodymium magnets. The innovative technology uses a simple magnetic gimbal optimized for low weight devices, which will help your videos look the way you envisioned them. Smoovie’s design creates professional-looking, smooth videos by only using magnetic force. smoovie-03 Smoovie is compatible with Apple, Android, and Windows smartphones (up to 86mm width, 225 grams weight) as well as all GoPro models with Smoovie Plus– an additional interchangeable adapter to use with your GoPro tripod mount. smoovie-01 This user-friendly tool gives you control and value to all of your special memories. Ready? Set. Action!

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