Smith Storage System

What is your ideal working space? Is it a clutter-free space where everything you need is at your finger tips? If so, Jonathan Olivares’s versatile Smith Storage System may be what you’ve been looking for. smith-storage-system-01 Smith is an ultra-portable storage “cart”. You can wheel it off anywhere, hang it on a table, stack it right on top of another cart, or even sit on it like a stool. It provides movable useful space for your office or home. smith-storage-system-03 For office use, a desktop printer or scanner can be placed on the upper platform, while the papers, work binders and other office supplies can be placed on the lower part of the cart. smith-storage-system-04 At home, your gaming console or flat screen TV can sit tightly on top of the cart, while the games and DVDs are just right below where you need them to be. smith-storage-system-05 Video:

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