Smash Cup: Foldable Travel Cup

Created by New York based Ben Melinger, the Smash Cup is a reusable travel cup which is perfect for a coffee or tea on the go. Smash-Cup-Foldable-Travel-Cup-01 What’s unique about the Smash Cup is that the user after drinking, can easily smash and stash the empty cup in a pocket, handbag, briefcase or backpack. Smash-Cup-Foldable-Travel-Cup-02 These smart cups are easy to use, convenient to carry, stylish in look, and eco friendly. When collapsed these acquire the size of a small disk, and thereby are ideal for travelling. SmashCup-Foldable-Travel-Cup-03 Made of food grade BPA free materials, features three parts that can be taken apart and are dishwasher safe. The cup can be tightly sealed with just a quarter turn. Smash-Cup-Foldable-Travel-Cup-04 Featuring a leak proof lid and reusable and easy wash and collapse body that can hold up to 12 oz of hot or cold beverages. The full size of the cup measures 5 inches while smashed down it measures only 1.75 inches thick, which can easily be slipped in a pocket. Smash-Cup-Foldable-Travel-Cup-05 According to Melinger, coffee drinkers throw away some 500 cups every year. Smash Cup is an easy, simple and eco friendly replacement. Besides, they come in attractive colors. Smash-Cup-Foldable-Travel-Cup-06

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