Smarty Pan: Cook Knowledgeably

For many who attempt it, cooking can be what Rahul Baxi termed “culnarily-challenging.” With that in mind, Baxi’s creation, the Smarty Pan, is a new development that will allow everyone from beginning cooks to master chefs to track the way they are cooking. Using sensory technology and app connectivity, the Smarty Pan will tell you more about the meal you’d like to make, without you having to guess whether you’re on the right track. smarty-pan-cooking-pan-01 The Smarty Pan, though still in the early stages of development, promises to have several helpful features for culinary connoisseurs – in training or otherwise. The pan will come equipped with heat sensors, calorie counters, and a metric measurement scale, all built into the sleek pan. On the app side is a display in real time about what is happening in the pan as you are cooking the meal. Plus, visual displays of what the sensors are picking up – from the calories of the meal to the temperature of the stove. The app comes with over 350, 000 recipes too, with the ability for users to add in their own as well. And come clean-up time, the pan technology is waterproof, so users don’t have to worry about “frying” the pan. smarty-pan-cooking-pan-04 The brilliance of the Smarty Pan is that for those who aren’t that great at cooking, it shows them how to do so by using the app. As users follow the recipe, the instructions are tailored to achieve the best result for the finished meal. For those who are already habitual cooks, the pan sensors and the app keep track of the way you cook, storing your methods for next time.  And for those who are worried about the tech being too difficult, it isn’t. The Smarty Pan app connects to the pan automatically when near it, so users don’t have to worry about working the connectivity themselves. Even better, the app comes with a metric system that tracks the weight of whatever is going into the pan, so you’ll always be aware if you have more or less of an ingredient. smarty-pan-cooking-pan-05 In a time where fast food is becoming the go-to option for people who dislike the challenges and guess-work of home cooking, the Smarty Pan aims to both help and track cooking habits. With it’s ability to track in real time what’s happening in the pan, the Smarty Pan will make sure you always know what’s cooking. smarty-pan-cooking-pan-03 Watch the video here:

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