SmartHalo: Smart Bicycles for the Future

When riding a bike on the mean streets of Toronto, it can be difficult to navigate through one-way roads and timed intersections. Add that to security issues with cyclists needing to remove their bike seat or front wheel constantly just to prevent it from being stolen, and you’ve got one hassle of a ride. Created by a team of Montreal designers, SmartHalo eliminates navigational errors and acts as a safety feature for any urban bikers. With the SmartHalo you can turn your ordinary bike into a smart bicycle–urban biking problems solved. smarthalo-bringing-cycling-into-03 The SmartHalo is compact and fits on almost every bicycle. At a height of 67mm with the clip, this smart navigational tool weighs less than 150g and has a battery life of three weeks (under normal usage). Charging it is easy with through USB. The simplicity of the design is that it syncs up to your smart phone via an app. Simply input your destination into the app prior to your ride, tuck your phone away safely and begin your ride. The SmartHalo detects when you begin moving and will stop automatically as soon as you finish your ride. The navigational feature that makes the SmartHalo so clever is that it tells you when to turn onto oncoming streets through light-up LED indicators on the interface of the device. Another great feature of the SmartHalo is its security. Many people have witnessed avid cyclists remove their seat or front wheel before entering a building for a long period of time, but those days are over. With SmartHalo, its internal motion sensor system senses when it’s being tampered with, and the only way to deactivate the alarm is through the presence of your synced smartphone or another authorized smartphone. Say goodbye to bike thievery. smarthalo-bringing-cycling-into-02 Navigation and security are among the two top features of SmartHalo, but it also includes a front light that automatically turns on at sunset if you’re biking after-hours, and when you stop your ride, the light dims. It also notifies you of any incoming calls (but don’t ride and talk!), of any drastic weather updates like upcoming thunderstorms, and even where you parked your bike. For all you cyclists out there who are looking for a good investment and peace of mind, SmartHalo is for you.

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