SMARTBUNCH: Modular Lighting

Lighting is great, it is something you cannot really live without. Well you can, but without it you would stub your toes going to the washroom at night, and you would not be able to read at night when the desire strikes. As great as modern lighting is, it is in a bit of a rut. New developments come about in cosmetics for the same shapes and sizes of shades and bulbs, changing the brightness or longevity of the bulb. That statement changes with the SMARTBUNCH modular lighting’s innovative approach and design. The SMARTBUNCH employs 101mm triangular lighting devices that are long-lasting and energy-saving LED light units. They are referred to as light units because they are more than just lightbulbs or lighting fixtures. They are lightbulbs, lighting fixtures, lamps, chandeliers, candles, torches, and more all wrapped into one. You no longer have to buy different bulbs or fixtures to change how light is directed or how it is directed. With the SMARTBUNCH app you can control the intensity of the light from your phone and you can design the shape however you like. To attach the triangles simply connect them via their built-in magnets and power each other when touched with their patent-pending technology. The triangles can get their power four different ways: by wire to an outlet, attaching to ceiling rose wires, into lamps with Edison screws, and even by battery as a backup. SMARTBUNCH lights give the consumer the creativity to create the lighting they want to. You can: attach them to a wall or staircase via their magnets, make a chandelier for a party, make a small reading lamp, and so much more. The company has plans to add to their material catalogue as time goes on, and has ambitions to makes speakers, cameras, home AI assistants, solar cells, and screens in the same vein of fluidity as SMARTBUNCH. To learn more about SMARTBUNCH modular lighting and get your own set today, visit their Kickstarter.

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