Smartables: Multimedia Table

Let’s face it- tables aren’t just tables any more. In our day and age where we make technological advances by leaps and bounds, our once ordinary tables can achieve more than was ever though possible. Smartables is a wireless QI charger, stereo, lamp, and much, much more! Every night, we charge our phones for full use the next day. Forget about wires or plugs with Smartables- charge up to three QI compatible devices- all wirelessly! The most current and up-to-date Samsung, Apple, and Google phones possess this feature. Smartwatches and tablets are also able to charge wirelessly. Simply place your device on the table and let it charge overnight. Set the mood with its built-in bluetooth stereo audio system! Put on music or play a game or video. Smartables comes with two 10 watt speakers connected to a high quality amplifier. Additionally, enjoy breakfast in bed by using its detachable tray that comes off the top of the table. Use it as a platter for eating in bed, or for a makeshift desk during late nights on your laptop.The tray is easy to detach, but will stay firmly in place when not in use as it is connected by three strong neodymium magnets. There’s no need to take up space with an actual lamp- this table has one built in! Turn the lamp on and off with an invisible button, then adjust the brightness to the one best suited for you. Device can’t charge wirelessly? Smartables also has two USB sockets at the side of the table to charge any and all devices. What’s more, there’s a hidden compartment in the table leg for precious items such as jewelry, cash, or other valuables. The design of the table itself is clean, appeasing to the eye, and comes in an assortment of colors to best suit your color scheme. Each table is hand-crafted from solid oak wood, and can come in natural oak wood, natural oak wood with a white drawer, pearl white, and pearl white with natural oak drawer. This minimalist design is simple, straightforward, and meant to fit seamlessly into any room you put it in! For more information, visit the Kickstarter page or watch the video below!

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