Smart Unit: Luggage Tracker

Travellers know that every trip carries the possible risk of losing their luggage. The Smart Unit luggage tracker from Lev Technologies is one way to ensure that your luggage stays on its designated path, from check-in to landing. smart-unit-luggage-tracker-04 Smaller than the palm of one’s hand, the Smart Unit is a single-button device with anti-theft technology that is meant to be used in combination with the Smart Unit app in order to keep track of your luggage. Simply turn on the tracker and connect to the Smart Unit app on your phone. You can set up an account for yourself, as well as any other members who want to use the tracker, and then place the tracker inside the luggage. The app allows you to enable “Watch Mode,” where the luggage tracker is able to sense when the bag was opened and will notify you via an SMS alert. Once you’re on the flight, you can switch the Smart Unit to flight mode, and the Smart Unit’s patent technology will automatically let it connect to any EDGE, 3G, 4G or WiFi network on landing in order to inform you of your luggage status.   smart-unit-luggage-tracker-02 And it doesn’t stop there. The Smart Unit luggage tracker can also be used to locate luggage that goes missing. Users just open the app and check the location of the tracker on the GPS map, and rather than having to make futile calls to the airline, you can go directly to the location where the luggage is being held. If the luggage has made its way safely to the landing destination, the Smart Unit app is also able to alert the user when his or her belongings arrive on the conveyor belt. smart-unit-luggage-tracker-08 As the saying goes, “It’s better to be safe than sorry,” and there’s no doubt that the Smart Unit luggage tracker has been designed with this in mind. Capable of keeping track of your luggage under a variety of circumstances, the Smart Unit is currently available for both Android and iOS, as well as for Windows Phones too. This compact, single-button tracker will knock down any anxieties you have about your luggage. With the Smart Unit, you can travel safe and worry-free! smart-unit-luggage-tracker-01 Make sure to check the video below:

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