Smart Rope: The LED Embedded Jump Rope

Keeping in trend with today’s world, this old schoolyard game has now joined the ranks of various other digitalized gadgets and accessories such as heart-rate monitors, track wristbands, and so forth. Tan gram Factory Inc introduces the Smart Rope. smart_rope_04 On the surface, the Smart Rope is just like any other Jump Rope; a piece of rope that weighs next to nothing yet can make you burn up to the same number of calories that can be burned in an 8 mile run. One of the best, easiest and most accessible aerobic exercises, it’s popularly known as one of the best ways to burn cellulite as it combines both cardio with resistance movement by using the weight of the entire body to amp the intensity of the workout. The Smart Rope is just like any other jump rope, with a few extra, yet incredibly unique features that make it all the more relevant as a cardio exercise. This rope is embedded with 23 LED lights, which display up to a 4 digit number, keeping track of the number of jumps as you power through your workout. It also notifies you on the battery life so that you don’t meet with a disappointing end to what could have been an exhilarating workout. Additionally, it also includes a Bluetooth feature which syncs with its maker, Tangram’s SMART GYM APP to store all of your workout data (jumps, calories burned, time) which helps you track your progress and get healthier. It can also connect with your smartphone to track your progress. smart_rope_02 A wearable technology that you can use to track your fitness as you get stronger, leaner and healthier, this is a gadget worth pursuing for those who believe in the magic of the old schoolyard game.

The Evolution of a Classic – Smart Rope from Tangram Factory, Inc. on Vimeo.

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