Smart Parka: Smart Winter Coat

Winter fashion comes with a lot of layers. Especially if you want to keep warm on those blistering cold days. Hats, gloves, scarves and extra layers are just a few of the additional accessories you need when venturing out. So imagine my reaction when hearing about Smart Parka, a smart winter coat. Parka-1 Smart Parka is reinventing the way we view and use traditional winter coats. The first step for the Smart Parka team was to elevate your basic winter jacket and figure out some of the missing essentials. Using lightweight, yet warm fabrics and materials, Smart Parka has added essential factors that make this coat special. Parka-2 Smart Parka has built in gloves. Soft, weather-resistant leather gloves are neatly stored inside a special zipper pocket on the sleeve of this coat. There is also a built-in scarf to keep your neck warm and to block those incoming drafts. On top of this, this jacket also comes with a special coat extension, when you want to add extra length to your jacket on those harsh days. There is a removable inner layer that allows you to easily adapt to temperature changes and takes your jacket from lightweight to heavy-duty in not time. Parka-3 Speaking of pockets, there is a special phone pocket built into the coat while also supporting your headphones offering a seamless connection. There is a hat pocket that lets you stash your cap and this is located in the hood of your parka. Parka-4 When it comes to facing the elements, your parka is water-resistant and protects the beautiful quality of the exterior of the jacket. In terms of the temperature ranges your jacket can withstand, without lining, 5 degrees to -10 degrees and with extra lining, between -10 and -25 degrees Celsius. Parka-5 Some additional features of the coat include hand-warming fleece pockets, a duck down inner lining, faux fur lined hood and quality materials to ensure comfort and durability. The smart parka comes in four different styles for women: classic, vogue, expedition, and bomber. For men, there are three styles: classic, vogue, and bomber. Parka-6 There are a variety of prints and colors available for both genders. For more information and to order your own Smart Parka, click me!

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