Smart Measure: Digital Measuring Cup

The Smart Measure digital measuring cup from Behance is catered to helping improve your measuring needs in the kitchen. smart-measure-measuring-cup-01 Designed to allow users to measure both solids and liquids accurately, the cup comes pre-programmed with a variety of conversion units and commonly measured items, such as milk, water, and flour. You can pre-set the conversion unit and ingredient to be measured, and the Smart Measure will alert you when you have weighed exactly what you need, or if you have exceeded the amount meant to be measured. smart-measure-measuring-cup-05 With its weight-sensitive base, which connects to the LCD screen on the handle, the digitized readout will make weighing and measuring ingredients for recipes easier. Essentially, it will eliminate the need to use different size measuring cups or a separate cup for solids. smart-measure-measuring-cup-02 The Smart Measure digital cup is also tailored to be easily washable, after removing the LCD screen you will be able to wash the cup after use without worry. smart-measure-measuring-cup-04 The hassles of weighing ingredients when you cook can be eliminated with Smart Measure’s digital measuring cup.

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