Smart Leggings for that Perfect Yoga Pose

New to yoga and feeling overwhelmed by the positions you’ll need to perfect? Or do you feel that you can push your limits even more? All your concerns about yoga can be answered by using yoga wear that incorporates a sensory technology. With five sensors incorporated into the fabric, you can receive instant feedback on the yoga position you’re in. Knowing you’re in the proper yoga posture, you can stretch even more or develop muscle memory for the correct position when starting out. The product itself is a set of yoga pants referred to as smart leggings called the Nadi X. Nadi X is designed from the Wearable X company. As soon as you put yourself in a yoga position the app that is activated with this garment registers the pose taken and uses a vibration to alert you to change your position into a favourable one, if needed. The vibrations you feel are gentle pulses, which is a unique way to improve or fix your yoga position. The pulses are powered by a battery placed behind the knee. The app receives a digital signal through bluetooth connectivity of the yoga position taken, in turn, activating a pulse throughout Nadi X, when needed, to dictate a better position. You don’t need to refer to your app when you’re actively participating in yoga. You just need to turn the app on and then place the battery behind the knee for the Nadi X to work. There’s no time limit either. This product was well researched from 50 different yogis to establish the correct postures for this app so you can be confident of the pulses coming your way! This company, which started in 2013, is looking to expand its unique features into articles of clothing worn for other physical activities. To make a purchase or to find out more information go to their website:

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