Smart Irrigation System: Wise Orchard

Garden maintenance is difficult, but the Wise Orchard provides an innovative solution. The Wise Orchard is a smart irrigation system that waters the garden, while, at the same time, conserving as much water as it can. wise-orchard-001 The Wise Orchard connects to the cloud and utilizes the information of several weather forecast services to create a watering plan that is curated to the state of the user’s garden. Along with weather forecasts, the app takes into consideration local soil types and the changing temperature to serve the user. wise-orchard-002 With artificial algorithms, the Wise Orchard waters plants automatically. The planning of the watering schedule is facilitated using a plant database. With only 4 AA batteries, the Wise Orchard is cheap for someone who can’t afford to spend oodles of time curating their watering schedule to the weather. With this in mind, the irrigation system inevitably saves the user money. wise-orchard-003 The configuration of the Wise Orchard can be done from any smartphone, with capability to toggle settings so that it is convenient to the user at all times. Some of these settings include snooze watering, creating an irrigation schedule, and activating alerts and tips to get updates on your plants.

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