Smart Fridge: Automated Recipes and Cooking

Your fridge: it stores your meats and veggies, keeps ’em fresh and…helps you cook? It may sound like a joke, but the Smart Fridge by Ashley Legg is anything but. This is an appliance whose performance is as futuristic as its looks. Legg’s Smart Fridge¬†goes above and beyond the basic refrigerator duties, designed to serve both its original purpose as well as being able to put together quick and easy meals based on the contents inside the fridge. smart-fridge-automated-recipes-01 People don’t often have time to pick out a recipe that’s both healthy AND quick, and many are not inclined to cook – either because they find it time consuming or recipes call for ingredients they don’t have. Enter Smart Fridge. With a door that uses electrochromatic technology, it doubles as a touch-screen interface. The fridge allows users to enter what ingredients are being stored inside it, and when those ingredients are chosen, the Smart Fridge puts together a recipe that is both quick on time and kind to the body. And there’s more: this appliance doesn’t just dish out a recipe and leave you to do the rest. The touch-screen, in addition to providing the recipe will take your hand (not literally) and talk you through the recipe step by step, ingredient by ingredient. smart-fridge-automated-recipes-04 Sleek in design, and retaining all the basic components of your regular refrigeration appliance (including a freezer drawer), the biggest upgrade to this fridge is that it doesn’t just house your food, but is a personal sous chef as well. The main question you need to ask yourself is “What’s in my fridge?” smart-fridge-automated-recipes-02

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