On his trip to Patagonia, Sanjay Rajan discovered Mapuche Indians’ natural dying traditions, and saw how the traditions were quickly becoming lost due to urbanization. This inspired him to start the SLOWCOLOR movement, the goal of which is to preserve natural drying techniques and create quality textile products for the mainstream. SLOWCOLOR aims to achieve this through working with hand-loom weavers using fair trade practices that pay them more than four-times their normal wage. Starting in India, SLOWCOLOR provides socially-disadvantaged artisans with valuable employment, skills, and opportunity to change their lives. In addition to being socially-conscious, SLOWCOLOR is also very eco-friendly. They have chosen to use only premium linen (which uses less water for production) and organic cotton. Fabric dyes are made of natural plants and minerals, and each garment is dyed by hand. Every garment is unique to the person who wove it. The colors are like recipes, never repeating itself exactly. To SLOWCOLOR, this is the world we live in: a world of beautiful differences. IPPINKA is pleased to collaborate with SLOWCOLOR to bring you the exclusive SLOWCOLOR x IPPINKA Fall Collection Scarves.

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